Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Day

Just a short blog to make a start to this , Today is new years day and its been a nice chilled out day. Iv played Fifa with Ste and Guess what ? I BEAT HIM :) YAYYY !!! He went mad it was great to watch his baby wet bottom lip go down.

Sheryl and Harrison came down so i spent some time with them , while Stephen was at home doing i wonder what :/ ....

Later on in the day i went to Stephen's to surprise him , the smile on his face was priceless when i walked in his bedroom.

So hear i am typing my first ever blog in my house watching match of the day. Man city just got beat by sunderland not what i wanted. I did say this was a short blog but one thing you will learn about me is i get carried away with my typing haha.

Goodbye till Next time Guys

Stacia x